About Poly

Poly was first introduced on to the Australian market in the late 1960s by Reed International, under licence from Polycell UK. Poly was considered revolutionary because the Polyfilla Cellulose Filler didn't crack or shrink, unlike the spackle based fillers which were available at the time.

Over the years, numerous Poly products were introduced onto the Australian market which remain to this day, including Polyfilla, Polystrippa and at the time of the wallpaper boom in the 1970's, Polypaper. In 1988, the brand was acquired by ICI Australia (now DuluxGroup) and incorporated into the Selleys Pty Ltd business.

Today, Poly is a well-respected and trusted brand of choice amongst everyday Australians and trade professionals alike for preparing decorative surfaces. Our premium quality, tailored range makes it easy to select the best product for the job at hand to ensure outstanding results. With a continued focus on innovation that makes paint preparation simple and easy, you can rely on Poly to help you achieve the perfect finish every time.