Filler - Bathroom & Kitchen

Moisture and mould resistant, this product has been specially formulated for filling cracks, holes and chips in wet areas of the home.

Easy to sand, sets to a super hard finish and is highly crack resistant.

Filling blade included

For use on: Plasterboard, masonry, wood, concrete, mortar & cement board (INTERIOR)
Fill depth: Up to 10mm
Dries in: 3 hours
Ready to use: YES
Available in: 310g
Colour: White

• Surface to be filled should be clean and dry with no loose or powdery material. Mould affected areas should be thoroughly cleaned with a suitable mould remover, rinsed and allowed to dry.
• Press filler firmly into dents/holes/split and remove excess.
• Allow to dry for 2-3 hours in thin 2-3mm applications (depending on humidity), before sanding.
• For deeper jobs apply in 10mm layers, allowing each layer to set before applying the next layer. Allow longer drying times (24 hours minimum) if painting with oil based paints or for deeper applications.
• Do not use below 5 degrees.
• Finish off sanding with a fine sand paper (>300 grit) for a smoother finish.
• For best results, apply paint undercoat before applying paint top coat suitable for bathrooms and kitchens, to maximise water, moisture and mould resistance.
• Not for areas that will be immersed in water.
• Use a flexible Poly sealant where joint movement occurs.
• Clean up with water before filler dries.
• Cure product before disposal.

Q. Should I use a different filler in damp areas?

A. Yes. Poly Bathroom & Kitchen has been specially formulated to resist water, moisture and mould growth making it perfect for use in damp areas of the home.