Filler - Timber Filler

Ideal for filling holes, cracks, dents, chips and grain imperfections on interior timber surfaces. Can be nailed or planed.

Easy to sand, sets to a hard finish and is highly crack resistant.

For use on: Timber (INTERIOR)
Fill depth: Up to 6mm
Dries in: 2-3 hours
Ready to use: YES
Available in: 390g
Colour: Produces a pine finish that can be tinted, stained, painted or varnished.

• Surface to be filled should be clean and dry with no loose or powdery material.
• Press filler firmly into dents/holes/split and remove excess.
* Allow to dry for 2-3 hours in 2-3mm thin applications, depending on humidity. Allow longer drying if painting with solvent based coatings (24 hours minimum) or for deeper applications.
• Sand with fine sandpaper. For a perfect finish after initial sanding back, apply a thin coat of filler, allow to dry and sand lightly with very fine (400 grit) sandpaper before staining or coating.
• When tinting or staining, final colour is not achieved until varnish is applied.
• Prime metals (eg, nail heads) before applying filler.
• Use Poly Gap filler or silicone sealant where joint movement occurs.
• Clean up with water before filler dries.
• Cure product before disposal.

Q. I want a filler that matches the colour of the timber I am repairing. What should I use?

A. The best idea is to custom tint/stain a filler to match your timber, rather than buy a pre-tinted colour filler. This allows you the flexibility to adjust to the shade you require, rather than having the colour dictated by the manufacturer.

For interior timbers, use Poly Timber Filler. If you require a wood filler that can be exposed to the elements, use Poly Exterior Timber, which flexes with the natural movement of wood.

Note: When tinting /staining, the final colour is not achieved until a varnish is applied. It is worth testing first on an off-cut or inconspicuous area to see if the correct colour match is achieved.