Wallpaper - Paste

A mix yourself powder paste for light to heavyweight wall coverings. It is ready to use in 5 minutes, provides excellent grab, strong adhesion and is mould resistant.

Coverage: 3–4 rolls or 20m2.
Dry time: 2-3 hours.
Available in: 250g
Ready to use: NO (mix with water)

NOTE: This product is not for fabric backed vinyls, foils, textiles, suedes or any
covering for which a latex adhesive is specified.

• Use Poly Wallpaper Remover, to remove old coverings and wash down surfaces, ensuring surfaces are free of dirt, grease, flaking/ powdery paint, and old paste. Treat
mould with a suitable mould remover. Fill all cracks and irregularities and seal surface with undercoat or a non-glossy paint.
• Sprinkle contents of this pack slowly into 2.5L of cold water, while stirring briskly to ensure good dispersion. Leave for 5 min to fully thicken, stirring occasionally.
• Apply paste evenly with a brush or roller, working from the centre to the sides, ensuring edges are well pasted, but avoid getting paste onto face of covering.
• Apply covering to wall, smooth out and remove air bubbles with a clean sponge, wallpaper roller or smoother, working from centre to sides.
• Remove any paste residue from face of washable coverings with a clean damp sponge before paste dries, rinsing sponge regularly.
• Always follow wall covering manufacturer’s hanging instructions.
• Never hang wallpaper on damp surfaces or at temperatures greater than 30°C or less than 10°C.
• Clean tools and hands with water before paste dries.

• Fold bag tightly. Seal with a peg.
• Store in a cool dry place.
• Store mixed paste in an airtight container, for no longer than 24hrs.

• Avoid contact with skin and eyes and avoid breathing in dust.
• Wash hands after use. Use protective gloves if handling often.

Q. What's the best way of sticking back loose wallpaper or edges that are curling away from the wall?

A. When the adhesive behind wallpaper dries out, the wallpaper will sometimes lift and curl away from the wall. Poly Wallpaper Paste is ideal for sticking back loose edges. If the wallpaper is thick or heavily curled, wet it with a sponge as this makes it more flexible and easier to work with. Remember to wipe away any excess adhesive squeezed out when the wallpaper is pressed back into place.