Sugar Soap Concentrate

A powerful multi-surface concentrate cleaner perfectly suited to cleaning walls and other surfaces prior to painting or wallpapering.
Effective in removing grease, grime and mould it's ideal for spot cleaning walls & floors, as well as cleaning most washable surfaces within kitchens, bathrooms and other areas of the home.

Ready to use: YES
Available in: 500mL

• To dilute, add ½ cup Poly Sugar Soap Concentrate to 5 litres of water.
• Clean surface using a cloth or mop.
• For stubborn stains or grease simply pour undiluted product directly onto a cloth and wipe the surface.
• Wipe off immediately from aluminum or brass surfaces.
• Rinse well from glass before product dries.
• Check colour fastness before use on fabrics.
• Floors, shower recesses and bath tubs must be rinsed.

• In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advise.
• Keep out of reach of children.
• Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Use rubber gloves.

Q. The surface I want to clean is heavily soiled. Can I still use Poly Sugar Soap to clean it before painting?

A. Yes, just use a higher concentration than normally recommended on the pack. Use of hot water will also help.

Note: It may be necessary to rinse off residue if higher concentrations are used.