Filler - Exterior Masonry

A ready-mixed filler that dries hard to a durable finish for deep and wide cracks in mortar, concrete, cement render and brick.

Water, weather, UV, algae and mould resistant

Can be tooled to a render texture or sanded to a smooth finish.

For use on: Bricks, concrete, bare or painted cement render & other masonry surfaces (EXTERIOR & INTERIOR)
Fill depth: Up to 10mm
Dries in: 3 hours
Ready to use: YES
Available in: 500g and 2.2kg
Colour: Cement grey in colour but can be painted over with both oil and water based paints

• Ensure surfaces are clean and free from dust, grease, mould/algae and  flaking/powdery paint or material. If necessary wash with Poly Sugar Soap.
• Rinse thoroughly and allow surface to dry.
• Use flexible filling blade to press filler into hole, or trowel to spread a thin
layer over surface, and tool to a feathered edge.
• Allow to dry (2–3 hours in thin 2–3mm applications, depending on
temperature and humidity) before sanding and painting. Allow longer drying times (24 hours minimum) if painting with oil based  paints, for deeper applications or in colder weather.
• For deeper jobs apply in 10mm layers, allowing each layer to dry before
applying the rest.
• Protect from rain until dry. If required, paint with a quality exterior coating.
• For a render texture smooth out with trowel or filling blade when applying the product and do not sand. For a smoother texture sand surface after drying.
• For best results, apply undercoat before applying water or oil based top coat.
• Where joint movement occurs, use a flexible Poly sealant.
• Clean up with water before filler dries.

Q. How do I repair cracks and holes in cement render?

A. Use Poly Exterior Masonry. It's ready to use and is specially suited to repairing cracks and holes in both interior and exterior masonry based surfaces. It can be used to repair cement render, cement, bricks, stone and other masonry surfaces. It is waterproof and resistant to temperature and humidity changes when set.