Filler - Large Cracks

A durable, multipurpose filler that has been designed for filling deep and wide cracks and holes on all surfaces inside and outside the home.

Easy to sand, sets to a super hard finish and is highly crack resistant.

For use on: Plasterboard, plaster, brick, timber, concrete and masonry (INTERIOR & EXTERIOR)
Fill depth: Up to 10mm
Dries in: 3 hours
Ready to use: YES
Available in: 310g & 740g
Colour: White

• Surface to be filled should be clean and dry with no loose or powdery material.
• Exterior surfaces and metals (eg. nail heads) should be primed before application.
• Press filler firmly into cracks and holes and remove excess.
• Allow to dry (2-3 hours in thin 2-3mm applications depending on humidity). Allow longer drying times if painting with oil based paints (24 hours minimum) or for deeper applications.
• For deeper jobs apply in 10mm layers, allowing each layer to set before applying the next layer.
• Protect from rain until painted over.
• For best results, apply paint undercoat before applying water or oil based paint top coat.
• Use Poly Gap filler or silicone sealant where joint movement occurs.
• Clean up with water before filler dries.
• Cure product before disposal.

Q. Is there a filler I can use for both inside and outside?

A. Poly Large Cracks is a multipurpose filler designed for filling cracks and holes on all surfaces inside and outside the home.