Filler - Trim and Doors

Specially developed for filling cracks & dents on doors, windows, trim, architraves and skirting boards, sanding to a smooth, hard mirror like finish. The perfect preparation for gloss paints.

Easy to sand, sets to a super hard finish and is highly crack resistant.

For use on: Plasterboard, concrete, timber & primed metal (INTERIOR & EXTERIOR)
Fill depth: Up to 3mm
Dries in: 3 hours
Ready to use: YES
Available in: 390g
Colour: White 

• Surface to be filled should be clean and dry with no loose or powdery material.
• Press filler firmly into dents/holes/split and remove excess.
* Allow to dry for 2-3 hours in thin 2-3mm applications, depending on humidity. Allow longer drying times if painting with oil based paint and for deeper applications.
• Sand with fine sandpaper. For a perfect finish after initial sanding back, apply another very thin coat of filler, allow to dry and sand lightly with very fine (400grit) sandpaper before painting.
• Protect from rain until painted over. Do not use below 5 degrees.
• Not for exterior timber likely to absorb excessive amounts of water.
• Use Poly Gap filler or silicone sealant where joint movement occurs.
• Clean up with water before filler dries.
• Cure product before disposal.

Q. Why should I use a specialised filler under gloss paints?

A. Gloss paints show up every flaw and bump on surfaces. Therefore, a specialised filler that ensures an extremely smooth, hard, "glass-like" finish is preferred for the ultimate flawless, flat surface. Poly Trim and Doors is the ideal filler under gloss paints. It also gives perfect gloss retention so you won't notice a 'dull' spot under the paint. You should also apply an undercoat before the final coat of paint for the best results.