Wall Repair Kit

An all-in-one kit for repairing holes and cracks in interior walls easily and conveniently.

4 piece kit contains everything you need:

  • Self-adhesive wall patch
  • Filling blade
  • Sandpaper
  • Polyfilla Quick Dry 100g

For use on: Plasterboard & gyprock (INTERIOR)
Crack or hole size: Up to 8cm
Ready to use: YES

  • Surface to be patched should be clean and dry with no loose or powdery materials. Sand all rough edges.
  • Remove self-adhesive patch from bag and peel away the backing. Position the patch over the hole, ensuring a 3cm minimum overlap onto the plasterboard around the hole. Press down edges firmly.
  • Using the filling blade provided, apply a generous amount of Polyfilla Interior Large Cracks to the patched area ensuring the patch is completely covered. Extend the filler well past the edges of the patch (at least 3cm) to ensure a feathered and gradual edge.
  • Once dry (allow 30-60 minutes for thin 2-3mm applications or longer for deeper applications), lightly sand the area to ensure a smooth surface. Wipe away any dust prior to painting.

Q. I have sanded back the filler but now I can see the texture of the patch.

A. It is important to overfill at least 2-3mm covering the entire patch to ensure a smooth surface after sanding. If the texture of the patch can be felt after sanding, apply a second layer of filler and sand back once dry. Once the surface is smooth, it is ready for painting.